Why You Shouldn’t Fight the Insurance Companies Alone

When you have almost any type of accident or injury there will most likely be an insurance company involved. Whether the insurance company is representing you or another responsible party, they are always looking out for one thing—their bottom line. Here’s why you shouldn’t deal with insurance companies alone.

Looking Out for Number One

The insurance companies are always looking out for themselves. They are only concerned with paying out as little for claims as possible. They will do everything they can to avoid paying your claim, or to pay less than you deserve. Even if the insurance company you are coping with is one that you pay for a policy, they are still looking out for themselves first.

Misunderstandings and Fine Print

Insurance companies will do what they can to come out ahead in any situation. There is a lot of fine print in settlements from insurance companies, as well as even on the checks that they issue. Often if you cash a check from an insurance company, it is signing away your rights to further compensation. Insurance companies may also try to mislead you so that you believe the settlement is fair, or that it is all you will be able to get. Most of the time, this simply isn’t true.

Total Compensation

Getting total compensation for an injury can be trying if you try to negotiate with the insurance companies alone. Compensation structures in personal injury cases are also very complex. You may be entitled to compensation for expenses you were not aware of, such as lost wages from missed work or lost income from a permanent disability. Only an experienced attorney can ensure you are getting total fair compensation.

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