What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do for You?

If you have recently been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you can and should hire a personal injury attorney to represent you. But why is it recommended to have an attorney? What exactly do they do for you? Here are just a few things they handle.

Gathering Evidence

Your personal injury lawyer will spend a lot of time and effort gathering evidence to back up your claims. They will be getting incident reports, police reports, medical records and bills, reports from your employer, and witness statements. Some of this information is easy to gather, while other information can take some time to complete. 

Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Before a lawsuit is filed, your lawyer will submit a claim on your behalf to the insurance company involved. The lawyer will use all of the evidence they have gathered to determine a reasonable compensation amount for your injuries. If the insurance company comes back with a settlement much lower than your attorney estimated as reasonable, your attorney may attempt to negotiate with the insurance company, or they may advise you that it’s time to move forward with a lawsuit.

Going to Trial

If your attorney deems it necessary to go to trial in your case, there is a lot of work that goes into that before the actual court date. Witnesses and defendants have to be located, served, and questioned. All parties also have to share the evidence that they have in relation to the case. This is called the process of discovery. After discovery is complete, you will get a court date, and your lawyer will represent you on the day of the trial.

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