The Best Types of Evidence to Present In Your Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another person, you may qualify to receive a settlement claim. This compensation is designed to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs that occur as a result of your accident. However, you cannot quality for compensation without presenting compelling evidence of your accident and injuries. Make sure you collect, save, and organize the following types of information after your accident.

Physical Evidence

Any physical object that may be found significant to your personal injury case- including clothing, equipment, tools, and cell phones- should be safely stored and presented during your case. These physical items are often used to evaluate the situation surrounding your accident and determine who was at fault and what caused your injuries.

Medical and Financial Documents

Your medical documents will also play a key role in your personal injury case. You must prove that you were injured in your accident and that your injuries have resulted in medical expenses, hardship, and pain and suffering. The notes your doctor takes and the records of your treatments and procedures will speak for themselves.

Other essential documents include pay stubs to prove lost wages, receipts and paperwork of auto repairs, incident report statements, and bills.  

Witness Testimony

Witness testimony is important, but memory fades quickly after an accident. Make sure you record and document all witness testimony immediately after your accident. Collect the contact information of the witness for follow up.

Photographs and Videos

Begin by collecting photographs and videos at the scene of the accident. Skid marks on the road, broken glass, weather conditions, traffic conditions, and many other factors need to be documented and preserved to prove that you were the victim in the accident in question.

It is common for this visual media to be the most compelling evidence presented in personal injury cases, so make sure you backup the data on multiple flash drives and printed copies. Dash cam video, street cameras, and other visual proof can help you win your case easily.

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