Speeding Tickets & Traffic Violations


Traffic Violations

Image: Durant Law Offices - DUI & Speeding Tickets It only takes a moment’s inattention to receive a traffic violation.  You may not have seen the change in the speed limit, missed the temporary road sign, or any one of a million every day occurrences.  You’ve received a speeding ticket, run a red light, or rolled thru a stop sign.  Now what?  The Law Offices of N. David DuRant & Associates can help. We have been successfully defending drivers in the Surfside Beach SC area since 1983.

What ARE My Options?

I’ve received a ticket, what are my options?

You can plead guilty or no contest.  You will have to pay a fine, you will receive points against your license, possibly have your license revoked or suspended, and have your auto insurance rates increase substantially. You may also be required to pay for and attend a driver’s training course.

You can plead not guilty.  This means you have chosen to contest the charges, and are willing to attend a hearing to defend yourself.  If successful, may avoid the fees, fines, increased costs and other penalties for conviction.
South Carolina traffic ticket fines are based on an established list of fines, but may vary by violation. The amount of the fine levied is up to the individual judge.  Also, you may be charged with court costs or fees, again based on your individual case, and the judge.  If convicted of a traffic violation, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, your insurance premiums may also go up.  If you receive a ticket for DUI (driving under the influence or boating under the influence), there will also may be a surcharge added to your costs.  You may also be charged with points against your driver’s license.  If you accumulate 12 or more points against your license, it will be suspended for a period of time. After the time period, you may re-apply for your license, but will have to retake the written and road portion of the test.

We Have the Experience to Help You

As you can see, something as simple as running a yellow light, driving 10 mph over the speed limit,  or only slowing down for a stop sign you’ve driven by a million times can bring on serious consequences.  You run the risk of losing a valuable asset, your privilege of driving in South Carolina.  Your job may be affected by the loss of this privilege.  Your best defense is a skilled, knowledgeable firm of dedicated attorneys.  Not all local law firms have the experience found in the Law Office of N. David DuRant and Associates.  If you find yourself faced with this issue, contact the Law Office of N. David DuRant & Associates.  We have the ability and experience to help you.

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