Responsibilities of Your Personal Injury Lawyer

myrtle beach business lawyersDo you know what your lawyer should be doing for you? When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you do so with the confidence that they will fulfill their role and legal responsibilities to you. But if you don’t know what those responsibilities are, you can’t hold your attorney accountable. Here’s what your personal injury attorney should be doing for you.

Confidentiality and Working in Your Best Interests

Your lawyer must keep everything you tell them in the strictest confidence. In addition, the attorney must work in your best interests throughout the pursuit of your case. That means that he will not take an unfair settlement or take other actions that might benefit the other party.

Negotiating a Settlement

Your attorney should spend most of their time gathering evidence to prove your case and working on a negotiated settlement with the negligent party or their insurance company. This might be accomplished quickly, over a long period of time, or not be successful at all. Negotiations should lean toward fair compensation, with the promise of more compensation if the case goes to trial.

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