Personal Injury Lawyers In Myrtle Beach

Personal Injury Lawyers In Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body mind or emotions, as opposed to injury to property. Personal injury can be caused by another, and when that happens disputes can occur between parties. Personal injury can involved moving vehicles, included but not limited to: automobile car accident, motorcycle accident, boating accident, bicycle or moped accident or trucking accident. Personal injuries occur at work, when a person is injured on the job. Personal injury also takes place when tripping accidents, assault claims, and products liability occurs. These types of injuries are generally covered under insurance policies.

A liability insurance carrier should cover all types of expenses associated with an injury. Specifically, past, present, and future medical bills, mental pain and suffering, physical pain and suffering, and lost wages are just a few of the damages that a Liability insurer and you should take into account when determining what you are owed in a personal injury cases. Further, there are many nuisances that need to be specifically address to make sure that the injured person is fully compensated.

Most personal injury claims occur under the theory of negligence.

Our staff will fight for your claim concerning:

• Personal Injury
• Tingling in Arms and Legs
• Spinal Cord Injury
• Dog bite
• Bad Faith Insurance
• Birth injuries
• Boating Injuries
• Brain injuries
• Food Poisoning
• Neck Injury
• Back Injury
• Nerve Pain
• Concussion