How You Know If a Debt Collector is Harassing You

Debt is easily created, but not easily remedied. Medical bills, college loans, and credit card bills hang over the majority of Americans like a black cloud. If you’re in debt but struggling to pay your bills, you’re probably already receiving calls from debt collections. These creditors are required to stay within the legal limits of debt collection, but if they become to aggressive it is considered creditor harassment, and you have legal means to put a stop to it.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The FDCPA regulates the behavior of debt collectors in order to protect customers in precarious financial situations. Under FDCPA rules, a debt collector must identify himself during every phone call, notify you that you’re speaking with a debt collector for the purpose of collecting money, provide the name and address of the original creditor, and provide verification of the debt if requested.

How to Identify Creditor Harassment

Debt collectors often seem aggressive, but they do have limits:

  • Calls only during normal hours, 8AM and 9PM
  • Can’t call over and over again with the intent to annoy you into answering
  • Must stop calling if you have filed bankruptcy
  • Must stop calling if you send a written notice of your request to end communication or of your refusal to pay your debt

Failing to follow any of these guidelines is considered creditor harassment. Debt collectors must also be very clear and concise with their language. They cannot falsely represent themselves or threaten legal action to get you to pay.

If you become the victim of creditor harassment, you need to call a lawyer and file a lawsuit. Many attorneys specialize in creditor harassment and can help you understand your legal rights and avenues forward to recover from the experience of harassment.

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