How Social Media Use Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

There are many things that can impact a personal injury case from filing to compensation. While an experienced attorney will be able to negate many negative things from impacting your case, there are some things that only you control. Your social media is one of those things. How you use your social media accounts while you have an ongoing personal injury case really does matter.

Posting About the Case

It is a good idea not to post anything about your personal injury case on social media. This includes posting pictures of your injury, updates about your injury and progress in healing, and details of the incident that led to the injury. While it may be convenient to keep everyone updated at once using social media, it can actually be detrimental to your case. You could accidentally divulge information that could hurt your case, or you could misconstrue information that could hurt your case if misinterpreted.

Posting About Your Activities

If you were seriously injured in an incident and you are going through ongoing medical treatment such as physical therapy and follow-up appointments, you are entitled to compensation for all of your ongoing related medical treatment. Yet if you post on social media about activities that you are enjoying, it could affect your ability to be compensated for further medical treatment. If you post that you are at the beach, it could be misconstrued to mean that you are not as injured as you say. 

Even if you are sitting at the beach in a chair with your foot up because it is in a brace or cast, it is best not to post your activity on social media. An outsider looking at the post might believe that you are at the beach enjoying yourself when you should be home in bed.

If you are experiencing difficulty in a personal injury case due to your use of social media, we may be able to help salvage your case. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.