How Fatigued Truck Drivers Cause Accidents

Did you know that a fatigued driver is just as incapacitated as a drunk driver? Studies have found that fatigued drivers are the equivalent of a driver at .10 BAC. In fact, fatigued drivers are responsible for over 500 car accidents per year in South Carolina.

Truck drivers are much more likely to be fatigued than the average driver. Truck drivers are often on the road for 8 to 10 hours at a time. They are legally limited to 11 hours in a 14-hour period, with no more than 8 hours between breaks. That still allows for drivers to operate with less than the recommended amount of sleep. 

In addition, some truck drivers alter their records to make it appear that they are following the rules, while in reality they are driving for much longer periods of time. This most often happens with independent drivers who are not supervised. Logistics companies usually use digital technology to keep drivers honest, but independent drivers rarely have the money for that technology. Most of them still use paper records, which of course can be entirely falsified.

While fatigued driving is dangerous for everyone, it is even more so with truck drivers. The tractor trailers that they drive are often the largest vehicle on the road. That means that they are more likely to hit more than one vehicle, and they are more likely to cause serious damage and injuries. Fatigued truck drivers are a very big problem in our state.

If a truck driver intentionally drives fatigued and causes an auto accident, they can be held legally liable for injuries and losses. However, other parties may also need to be involved, such as insurance companies or the trucking company that employs them. 

Truck accidents can be very complex, so it is best to hire an attorney who can walk you through the process and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. If you have recently been in a truck accident, contact us today for your free consultation.