Don’t Make These Mistakes After Your Auto Accident

The minutes and days after a car accident are stressful, chaotic, and surreal. You may not be thinking clearly or realizing the full implications of your actions, but it’s important to act with purpose. The decisions that you make following your auto accident with largely influence your ability to pursue compensation for the damages you experience. Above all else, avoid the following mistakes.

Mistake #1: Being Too Active on Social Media

If you are involved in an insurance claim or lawsuit relating to an auto accident, chances are that your social media accounts will be combed for any signs of dishonesty or inconsistency. Even a neutral post has the potential to be manipulated into proof against your injuries, so it’s best to simply stop using social media while your case is pending.

Mistake #2: Lying About Your Health

Beyond social media stalking, it’s actually possible that the insurance companies involved in your case will conduct surveillance and hire investigators to take photos and videos of you. This is legal, and you can’t prevent it.

If you claim that your auto accident broke your leg, but then you are caught on video walking from your house to your car, then your case will likely implode. You need to be entirely honest about your physical and mental state after your crash to help ensure that any surveillance simply supports your claims.

Mistake #3: Making Decisions Without Your Attorney

Shortly after a car accident, you might be pressured by your insurance company to sign papers and waivers, but you should never put your signature on anything without your lawyer’s approval.

Such documents might trick you into violating your own privacy, committing to waiving future injury claims, and other unwanted actions. Your lawyer will be able to cut through the jargon and interpret the fine print to know whether you should sign a document or not.

Mistake #4: Hiring the Wrong Attorney

Only an experienced and aggressive attorney can provide the representation you need to secure compensation for your injuries, lost wages, pain, and suffering. With over 30 years of experience, the attorneys at the Law Offices of N. David DuRant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina can help you fight your case. Call (843) 279-2510 to schedule your free consultation today.