Divorce Attorneys Myrtle Beach

divorce lawyer myrtle beachIt’s a tragedy that can strike any family, but mistakes are made and marriages fail. Do you need skilled divorce representation? Are you worried about child custody? At the Law Offices of N. David DuRant & Associates, we understand the significant impact family law outcomes can have on your future. We represent men, women and their children throughout the Grand Strand area of South Carolina.

Whether contested or uncontested, divorce can place significant stress on a family. We seek to help clients manage this often difficult situation effectively by providing knowledgeable insight, informed guidance and personalized support throughout the process. We work collaboratively with clients on negotiating the issues of: property division of marital assets and debts, child custody and support and alimony, sometimes called spousal support.

Did you know that all jurisdictions in South Carolina mandate that clients engage in mediation before proceeding to litigation? We will always try to see that matters be amicably resolved, but, as experienced trial lawyers, we are fully prepared to protect our clients’ interests in court. Occasionally, matters cannot be settled on an amicable basis. If needed, the Law Offices of N. David DuRant & Associates can assist you in obtaining Orders of Protection to protect your rights.

While a divorce settlement is meant to serve as the basis of family interactions going forward, your needs or the needs of your children may and likely will change over time. We provide honest, dedicated counsel on all aspects of post-divorce modification or enforcement.