Common Types of South Carolina Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles on the roadways. Semi-trucks have large blind spots. And because they are very large compared to other vehicles, they can cause a great deal of damage in an accident. While some truck accidents are not the fault of the semi-truck driver, there are several types of truck accidents that you should seek out an attorney for a personal injury case. 

Distracted Driving

Semi-truck drivers have a lot of technology at their disposal that makes their job easier and helps the company they work for to keep tabs on their movements and timing. This technology can include navigational systems, communication systems, and fleet management systems. Unfortunately, all of this technology can lead to distracted driving, which can lead to fatal accidents.

Rear-End Truck Accidents

Due to its large size and the weight that is often in the back of a truck trailer, it is very difficult for a semi-truck to stop quickly. The average semi-truck takes about 525 feet to stop. If traffic stops or slows suddenly on the highway, big trucks may not be able to stop in time, and the truck could easily hit the rear end of the vehicle in front of them. This can sometimes lead to multiple vehicle crashes.

Speeding and Truck Accidents

Many semi-trucks have technology that keeps drivers from ever speeding or going over a certain speed. However, independent truck drivers often do not have this technology. When semi-trucks speed, it adds a dangerous element to the highway. Truck accidents can often cause serious injuries or fatalities, and the higher the speed the more likely it is that you will not be able to easily walk away from the accident.

There are many other types of truck accidents, such as when a car goes under the undercarriage of the truck, accidents caused by fatigued drivers, and truck drivers driving under the influence. If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident in South Carolina, contact us today for more information or to schedule your free consultation.