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Child Custody & Support

Image: Durant Law Offices - Divorce and CustodyChild custody and support are often among the most contested issues in divorce or parental separation. At the Law Offices of N. David DuRant & Associates, we provide supportive guidance and dedicated child custody representation for mothers or fathers in Surfside Beach and surrounding areas of the Grand Strand region of South Carolina.

In South Carolina, child support is determined by use of a statutory child support calculator. This is a formula that reviews each parent’s net income, the length of time children spend with each parent and other unique factors to determine child support. We are able to help our clients anticipate how the calculation is likely to affect their case. Each case is different, and we invest the time needed to bring the transaction to a speedy conclusion. If applicable, we will make a motion to deviate from the guidelines in specific circumstances.

South Carolina’s family courts are charged with establishing custody and parenting plans that protect the best interests of the children involved. Our Surfside Beach child custody attorneys share this goal, but we also recognize that each family’s situation is unique. We take time to understand our clients’ unique situations so we can more effectively protect their parental rights.

We are involved in the determining the child’s primary custodial residence and equitable parenting time/visitation for the noncustodial parent. We work to negotiate the sharing of holidays, spring breaks, summer vacations and other vacation times. We aid you and the court in making decisions about the child’s education, religion, values and general upbringing. Finally, we work to make sure you are covered on any out-of-pocket expenses not included within child support.

All contested child custody cases will require a guardian ad litem by the court, who will perform a thorough investigation of the family’s situation before filing a report to the court. Our lawyers work hard to make sure our clients parental rights are protected. We are also experienced in establishing and protecting the rights of grandparents in a child custody case.

Unmarried Parents, Custody, Support through Paternity, Name Change

In addition to helping parents going through divorce, we also represent unmarried parents in determining child custody and support issues through paternity. If you desire to change your name after you divorce, we can guide you through the process.

The Law Offices on N. David DuRant & Associates know that a divorce is one of the hardest things our clients can experience. We treat our clients with the care and respect that they deserve.

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