Boat Safety and What to Do When Disaster Strikes

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to get that boat out of storage and hit the water. Whether you are driving your own boat, renting a boat, or hiring a captain to take you out on the water, it is important that you practice good boat safety to protect yourself from potential injury. Here are some ways to stay safe during this boating season, and tips for dealing with boating accidents.

Staying Safe

There are some very common-sense ways to stay safe on any boat. Look the boat over before taking it out on the water to ensure that it is in safe working order and has no leaks. While on the boat, make sure that you are always wearing a well-fitting life jacket. It should be neither too loose nor too tight. You should also stay away from the rails while the boat is moving at high speeds, and in general be mindful of your location, the boat’s location, and the location of obstacles and other boats on the water.

When Accidents Happen

Your first priority when a boat accident happens is to get to safety. Once you are out of the water and safe, you should seek medical treatment for your injuries. What you do next depends on the circumstances of the accident. If you were safe but had a boating accident due to someone else’s negligence, you need to hold them accountable for their role in the accident.

Your first call in these situations should be to an attorney. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to examine your case, help determine fault or negligence, and help you seek out compensation for your injuries. It is important that you work with an attorney rather than simply approaching the negligent party or their insurance company. You never know if you are getting fair compensation if you don’t have someone fighting on your side.

If you have been in a boating accident this summer, contact us today for a free consultation and case review.