April Showers: Avoiding Disaster in an Auto Accident

insurance attorney myrtle beachThey say that April showers bring May flowers, but another thing that April rains bring is auto accidents. With occasional heavy rains, it is important that you are vigilant as a driver. This is one of the most common times of the year for auto accidents. If you are in an auto accident, it is important to know the right steps to take to avoid true disaster.

Watch What You Say

Be very careful about what you say at the scene of an auto accident. Any admission of guilt, or any phrase that could be taken as guilt, could harm your case in the long run. For example, don’t tell someone you are sorry they were injured. If the accident was not your fault, you should never say the words, “I’m sorry.” This could be construed as an admission of guilt, even if you only mean it as sympathy. Continue reading “April Showers: Avoiding Disaster in an Auto Accident”

Spring Hazards: What to Do in a Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accident attorney myrtle beachSpring is here, and with it comes prime biking season. After a long winter with your bike in storage, the weather is clearing and warming, making it perfect for hitting the road on your motorcycle. But with spring comes additional hazards. Unmarked potholes from winter wear on the roads, spring rainstorms, and inattentive drivers are just some of the hazards you will face this spring. It is important that you know what to do in case of a motorcycle accident so you can take the appropriate steps.

Document at the Scene

If you are able, it is important to document the scene of the accident and gather as much information as possible. Get contact information for the other parties to the accident, as well as any witnesses. You should also take photographs of the scene, the bike, and any factors of the environment that may have contributed to the accident. If you are seriously injured and unable to gather this information yourself, make sure you or your immediate family get a copy of the police report and gather this information for you. Continue reading “Spring Hazards: What to Do in a Motorcycle Accident”

The 3 Most Common Mistakes During Workers Compensation Claims

If you have been injured on the job, it is important that you protect your right to compensation for your injuries and lost time at work. For most people, worker’s compensation claims go smoothly and they get the compensation they need. However, there are some cases in which companies try to avoid paying worker’s compensation.

What you do during this time of recovery is important. There are three common mistakes that people make when facing a worker’s compensation claim. If you make any of these mistakes, it may give the company the out they need to avoid paying for your injuries and losses.

Not Reporting Right Away

If you are hurt on the job, you need to report it to your immediate supervisor immediately. Even if the injury seems minor at first, you should report any and all injuries to management. It is their decision whether or not to administer first aid or send you to the doctor. When you do go to the doctor, make sure you go to an approved doctor on the list available to you from management. Continue reading “The 3 Most Common Mistakes During Workers Compensation Claims”

What You Need to Know About Auto Accident Fault and Compensation in Myrtle Beach

If you have an auto accident in Myrtle Beach, you need to fully understand how fault is determined and how it affects your compensation. It may seem like a clear-cut case to you, but sometimes it can be argued that both drivers were negligent. If the car insurance company or the other person in the car accident say you were partly at fault, what does that do to your claim?

Assignment of Fault in Auto Accidents

Fault is usually determined by the law enforcement that arrives on the scene. They judge fault based on the circumstances of the accident according to both parties and any witnesses. If anyone is issued tickets for reckless driving, failure to yield, or speeding, that person is going to be deemed at least partially at fault for the accident. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Auto Accident Fault and Compensation in Myrtle Beach”

What to Do If Police Do Not Arrive on the Scene of an Auto Accident

insurance attorney myrtle beachAuto accidents can be dangerous for you and your vehicle. Thankfully, not every auto accident results in severe injury or property damage. In Myrtle Beach, especially during high traffic periods or on busy roads and highways, it is common for police to fail to respond to a low-damage auto accident. Generally speaking, if you can drive your car away and you don’t require an ambulance, police will not arrive on the scene.

You should always call the police whenever there is an auto accident, but sometimes they will advise you to file a walk-in report. There are several steps you need to take in this situation. While it is acceptable to leave the scene of an accident without police arriving on the scene, you still need to protect yourself and make sure a report is filed.

Gather Information

Always call the police to report the accident. If they recommend that you file a report in-person, gather some information before leaving the scene. You will need the name of the other driver and any passengers, the make and model of the vehicles involved, the license plate number, and the other driver’s insurance company and phone number. You may also want to take pictures of how the cars ended in the accident and any factors in the environment that may have contributed to the wreck. Continue reading “What to Do If Police Do Not Arrive on the Scene of an Auto Accident”