What to Do After a Truck Accident

You are probably aware that semi-trucks and tankers are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road, but you may not realize just how common these accidents are. There are about 500,000 truck accidents each year in the United States, with 50,000 of those leading to fatalities. Truck accidents can be much more complicated than other auto accident cases. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.

Immediately Seek Treatment

Truck accidents are no laughing matter. The truck or tanker is so much larger than your vehicle that you are more likely to be severely injured in these accidents. Make sure that you put your safety as your first priority. Make sure that you are safely away from the scene and have received initial medical treatment right away. Doing so is in your best interest, as your health is important; and the sooner you seek treatment for your injuries, the more likely you will be able to be compensated for all of the associated medical costs. Continue reading “What to Do After a Truck Accident”

How Social Media Use Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case

There are many things that can impact a personal injury case from filing to compensation. While an experienced attorney will be able to negate many negative things from impacting your case, there are some things that only you control. Your social media is one of those things. How you use your social media accounts while you have an ongoing personal injury case really does matter.

Posting About the Case

It is a good idea not to post anything about your personal injury case on social media. This includes posting pictures of your injury, updates about your injury and progress in healing, and details of the incident that led to the injury. While it may be convenient to keep everyone updated at once using social media, it can actually be detrimental to your case. You could accidentally divulge information that could hurt your case, or you could misconstrue information that could hurt your case if misinterpreted. Continue reading “How Social Media Use Can Impact Your Personal Injury Case”

Preventable and Dangerous: Tire Blowout Accidents

Anyone can be involved in an auto accident. According to recent statistics, about 5 percent of the licensed population in South Carolina was in an auto accident in 2015, and other statistics show that 95 percent of accidents are preventable and due to human error or negligence. One type of accident that is completely preventable is tire blowout accidents. Here’s what you need to know.

Why They Are Preventable

Keeping your vehicle in good working order is your responsibility as a citizen with a driver’s license. This includes checking your tires for wear or damage on a regular basis. Tire blowouts happen most often when tires are worn or damaged on the side wall of the tire. Not checking your tires or repairing your vehicle is considered negligence in case of an accident.  Continue reading “Preventable and Dangerous: Tire Blowout Accidents”

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

When you have a personal injury case, the last thing you want to worry about is how you will pay for your medical treatment and other costs relating to the injury. The stress of healing and treatment is more than enough for one to deal with. Having a good personal injury attorney to handle the insurance companies and entitled compensation will help you heal faster and without worry. Here’s what you need to look for in a personal injury attorney.

Free Consultation and Contingency

Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation, but not all. A free consultation gives the attorney the chance to hear about your case and make a decision about whether or not they can or will represent you. A good personal injury lawyer who believes you have a case will also work on contingency, which means that you pay nothing until you get a settlement or judgment in your favor. Continue reading “What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney”

Common Types of South Carolina Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles on the roadways. Semi-trucks have large blind spots. And because they are very large compared to other vehicles, they can cause a great deal of damage in an accident. While some truck accidents are not the fault of the semi-truck driver, there are several types of truck accidents that you should seek out an attorney for a personal injury case. 

Distracted Driving

Semi-truck drivers have a lot of technology at their disposal that makes their job easier and helps the company they work for to keep tabs on their movements and timing. This technology can include navigational systems, communication systems, and fleet management systems. Unfortunately, all of this technology can lead to distracted driving, which can lead to fatal accidents. Continue reading “Common Types of South Carolina Truck Accidents”