Avoiding Teen Accidents and What to Do When a Car Wreck Happens

There are few milestones that strike a parent’s heart with terror like a child getting their first driver’s license. When your baby is behind the wheel of a car, your imagination can come up with the worst case scenarios every time they leave the house. Teaching your children some simple habits will help avoid teen accidents. It is also important to teach them what to do if they are in a car accident.

Avoiding Teen Car Accidents

Most teen car accidents are caused by the teen driver not paying attention to the road. There are several things that you can teach your teens to help them avoid these types of accidents. For example, you can restrict the number of passengers your teen is allowed to have at one time. You may also want to restrict the ages of the passengers or limit passengers to siblings only. 

You can also help your teen avoid auto accidents by teaching them not to do anything distracting while driving. Both law enforcement and school districts are working hard to make teens knowledgeable about the dangers of texting while driving, yet other distractions such as eating, drinking, and smoking cigarettes are rarely addressed.

What to Do in a Teen Accident

Your teen should know what to do in case of a car accident. This is something they should be familiar with before you ever hand over the keys. Make sure that they know what types of evidence and information to gather. Putting a checklist in the glovebox can be helpful. Your teen should also call the police immediately, and their second call should be to a parent. They should be instructed not to discuss the accident other than as necessary to cooperate with police until their parents arrive.